Description of Sewing Courses 

Description of sewing courses

Just 3 steps to get a result:

  1. Choose a product kit - all pre-cut fabrics and other materials, e.g. zipper, cushion filling, etc.
  2. Work step-by-step at your own pace - each step is adequately explained by the course instructor
  3. Make a beautiful product by your own!

Description of the procedure:

  • At the beginning of the event, participant will choose a project/product and a related product kit.
  • She/he will get a modern sewing machine BERNINA and all necessary tools.
  • Sewing runs in individual steps and each step is adequately explained by the course instructor.
  • Participants work independently at their own pace, with particular emphasis on individual support.
  • The end of the work is dedicated to a finalization to ensure that each participant completes its product on place.
  • In the following event, the learned skills are applied to be able to produce even more complicated products.